Newline Empire

About Us

About Us

Newline Empire take its root all the way back from Universal Enterprises which was founded in 1988. We are one of the fastest growing companies in the healthcare segment with diversified experience. Our team has set benchmarks in the field Radiation Oncology, Radiology, Robotics, Neurosurgery, ENT and Medicine, Urology, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Pharmaceuticals & Turn Key Projects.

Since Newline Empire inception we are dedicated in improving quality of life and creating a strong and trustworthy brand in the healthcare community. We are committed to the implementation of measures aimed at achieving greater levels of customer satisfaction in the field of healthcare through training, education & sales and service.

Our Mission

To achieve sustainable growth in the healthcare community by improving quality of patient-care and well-being through creative, refined and engineered solutions.

Our Vision

To transform healthcare standards and practices through innovative and advance medical technology.


At Newline Empire, we are dedicated in transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improves healthcare of the patients. This introspection alone, led to the creation of Newline Empire in which we are focusing two primary verticals i.e., continuous pursuit of improved quality and contributing to society through healthcare and technology.


A corporation that does not contribute to society has no value of existence; this is the corporate philosophy of Newline Empire. We aim to launch new value to the market as we believe that if a product exactly meets the real need of the customers, it will have a profound impact on them as innovation does not always means high-tech-driven products